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Private Yoga Session

Move your practice to a deeper level with a one on one yoga clinic with the teacher of your choice. 


What is a Private Yoga Session?

We offer 2 types of private yoga sessions

Individual Bikram Yoga Clinic

This is the perfect opportunity to really unpack your practice.

It’s a one-on-one Bikram session with the teacher of your choice. The difference is that you drive the focus! After an initial consult on where you feel your yoga practice is at the moment and what you would like to work on, you will work through each or any of the 26 postures with specific attention to areas of your choice.

Perhaps you feel “stuck” in a posture, or you would like to address bad habits. Are you just not sure if you are doing something “right”? Do you have an old injury that you might feel is holding you back?

A private Bikram clinic will guarantee to move your practice to a new level and increase what you get from this incredible series!

Private Therapeutic Session

Are you working with a chronic injury or condition? This is an individually curated series to target specific chronic and acute injuries and conditions.

Please email or call us to more info, to arrange your private or buy one as a gift!


Join A Class Today!


A therapeutic 90 min Beginners yoga for all ages and all abilities. Absolutely no experience required


Dissolve all that is not you. HKY is a new form of yoga, that works with your energetic body to burn the karma that we carry on our physical body. Come join us and discover the real you.

No heat!


More challenging yoga with less heat. Open to everyone with some yoga experience. 75 min class


A private one on one session created for you to target specific chronic and acute injuries and conditions or deepen your practice.



An intro pass is perfect to
begin your journey.
Try as many classes as you want
in 14 days!

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