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 Hatha Yoga Classes

 We are excited to introduce 2 Hatha yoga classes to our schedule for everyone interested in expanding and deepening their yoga practice. 


Hatha Yoga Class with Phiona

A 75 minute hatha yoga class with Phiona. Every week Phiona will guide you through a different yoga sequence that explores postures from the hatha yoga tradition. As always, Phee’s nurturing approach will make you feel safe and inspired as she leads you on a weekly asana journey that emphasises breath, stillness and meditation.

 This class is the perfect compliment to your Bikram practice: it will make you stronger, increase your flexibility, encourage you to stretch into new areas of your body and guide you towards deeper states of meditative consciousness.

Class is practised in gentle heat (not as hot as Bikram, but still toasty).

No previous yoga experience is necessary; Phiona has a version of each posture to suit novices and experts alike!

 Hatha with Phiona every Sunday 10am – 11.15am from 25th June 2023  



Hatha Flow with Rowena

Rowena’s intermediate class is a flow style hatha class integrating some of the 84 classic hatha yoga postures alongside a mixture of additional yoga postures to open your hips and shoulders.  

The final 15 mins focuses on learning how to do headstands and handstands in a safe step by step manner. 

 The class will get you moving, flowing and diving deeper. More challenging than beginners without being too demanding, it is fun, interactive and will leave you feeling open, flexible and free.


 Room heated to same temp as Bikram yoga class. 

Hatha Flow with Rowena runs every Saturday 9am – 10.15am

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A therapeutic 90 min Beginners yoga for all ages and all abilities. Absolutely no experience required


Dissolve all that is not you. HKY is a new form of yoga, that works with your energetic body to burn the karma that we carry on our physical body. Come join us and discover the real you.

No heat!


A 75 min class


A private one on one session created for you to target specific chronic and acute injuries and conditions or deepen your practice.



An intro pass is perfect to
begin your journey.
Try as many classes as you want
in 14 days!

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