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Niki Leventis

Reconnect Health Centre


Niki has been working in the area of health awareness for 30 years. In 1995, she qualified as a nutritionist, then completed her Naturopathy Diploma in the London School of Naturopathy. In 2001, she found her knowledge of herbs in the Naturopathy course in the UK wasn’t covered enough, so she ended up completing an Australian Naturopathy Diploma, broadening her knowledge of the use of single herbs.

Niki uses Naturopathy in combination with Bowen Therapy as her hands-on modality. She loves to be able to assist people in understanding how to re-empower themselves in mind, body and spirit.

Niki works with sports injuries, muscular and skeletal realignment, female reproductive problems and infertility, children’s health and well-being, digestive disorders, stress management, insomnia, migraines, lymphatics disorders and emotional balance. Also specialises in natural detox and weight loss.

Niki believes addressing any complaint or condition holistically, thus embracing all levels of our being physical, emotional and spiritual accelerates the healing journey. We are far more than we think we are.


To Book an appointment with Niki

Call her on 0403 124 163


Reconnect Health Centre is based in  Bikram Yoga & Wellness on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. We offer Naturopathy, Bowen Therapy, Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage. Our areas of Special Interest are: Sports Injuries, Children’s health & well-being, Female reproductive problems, Infertility, Digestive disorders, Stress management & insomnia, Migraines, Lymphatic disorders, Emotional balance.

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