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Natalie Leaper



Natalie’s Reiki journey began in 2003, leading her to discover firsthand the transformative power of this traditional Japanese relaxation and healing technique.

Intrigued by it’s benefits, Natalie dedicated herself to study, and practice.

Certified in 2018, she now supports others on their healing paths. 

What happens during a Reiki session?

Reiki healing provides a sacred space for reconnecting with your authentic self, guiding you back to your heart, body, innate wisdom, and expansive true self. It enhances self-awareness and deepens your connection to your energetic essence, allowing for profound awakening. 

In life, our energy fluctuates in response to emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual experiences. When our energy is low, we may feel heavy, off balance, and lacking vitality while balanced and expansive energy brings feelings of centredness, calmness, connection, and happiness.

Exploring and embracing your inner landscape offers an opportunity for growth, insight, and empowerment. By nurturing and attending to your energy, you can cultivate a sense of grounding and alignment with your authentic self, empowering you to navigate life with clarity, authenticity and resilience.

During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner will place hands on or slightly above the body with the intention of facilitating healing for the Client. The Client draws on the energy, directing it to areas in need within the body, mind, and spirit. Let Reiki healing sooth and soften your entire being, relax the mental chatter and tune into your inner self – a space where there is nothing for you to do, but be open to receive. When you enter a relaxed state, you allow your body the opportunity to heal.

Reported benefits of Reiki

  • Alleviates pain and discomfort

  • Reduces stress by calming the mind

  • Enhances sleep quality

  • Boosts natural self-healing and strengthens immunity

  • Increases energy levels through balanced energy centers

  • Fosters spiritual growth and inner peace

  • Promotes emotional well-being, aiding anxiety and depression management

  • Complementary therapy alongside medical treatments

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Book a healing appointment with Natalie

Call or SMS  0421 004 162


Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

10.00am to 7.00pm

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