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Whether you want to practice yoga once a week or once a day there is a pass to suit you! All passes enable you to book and practise any class at our centre.

We offer gift cards to whatever value you would like.  You can opt to have the gift card emailed or printed for you to deliver yourself!

All gift cards may be redeemed online, in our app or in the studio. Simple!

Pricing Options

Intro 14 Day Pass



14 days of unlimited classes

One purchase only

This is a great deal! No extensions or transfer available

If you have never practised at our studio before, this pass gives you unlimited yoga for a fortnight from when you come to your first class.
Come try us out for yourself!

Karma Membership




Love the feeling that Yoga gives you? If you aim to practise yoga twice a week or more, Karma is your go-to for unlimited feel good vibes. Choose to debit your credit/debit card weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

This is a 3 month contract. Cancelling early incurs an exit fee. After 3 months, debits will continue until you want to stop.



Are you a once a week yoga person who likes to mix it up with your other fitness habits? Our 50 Pass is awesome value. Even better it can be shared with up to 3 other friends or family!

Expires 12 months after first use

50 Class Pass

10 Class Pass



Do you love how good you feel practising yoga regularly once a week or so to complement your other fitness habits? Our 10 Pass is
the budget friendly answer.

Expires 3 months after first use

One Month Unlimited



Want to do loads of yoga because this month you can? This is the best pass for practice at least twice a week over the next month. 

Expires one month after first use

12 Months Unlimited Pass



For the dedicated followers of Yoga – No more thinking about whether you need a new pass!

​If you like to practise regularly at least twice a week and are an upfront kind of person this is for you.

Expires 12 months after first use (yes that’s why it’s called the 12 month unlimited)

6 Months Unlimited Pass



Budget friendly version of the 12 months unlimited for people who love unlimited yoga.

Expires 6 months after first use



Drop In $

Perfect if you are “guna” drop in to an occasional class without committing to a pass

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